ACKER Drills - The Answer To Your Drilling Needs - FOR SALE

Acker Drills – The Answer To Your Drilling Needs


Are you looking for the right drilling rig for an on-site project? Acker Drills is certainly worth checking out. The Acker Drill company is one of the largest manufacturers of drilling consumables in the North American continent and supplies equipment of varied shapes and sizes to cater to different industrial requirements. Every product is manufactured at the company’s facility located at Scranton, PA.

What gives the Acker drill company an edge over its competitors?


The company’s ability to deliver custom – engineered solutions depending on your business needs is one quality that makes it different from the rest. This is achieved either on a design – build basis or on co-operation with the client, depending on their specific problems. The company offers an extensive range of drilling rigs to suit every budge and exploration need. From light weight shall exploration drill known as the ‘Ace’, to versatile and extremely powerful hydraulic drill unit called Renegade, they have a lot of offer to its clients.
The machines are powerful and aggressive. The drilling equipment is designed to increase
muscle and efficiency. The company claims to have among the most robust and durable machines available out there.

Where can they be employed?


There are a lot of industries that require creation of holes in the sub-surface of the earth. These machines are proven to be effective in the process of collecting samples of mineral deposits, soil, rock or ground water to test its properties. They can also be used to install sub – surface utilities such as wells or tunnels.
Here are a few ways in which drilling machines are used:
Petroleum Industry:


These are not only used to discover reservoirs but also to drill holes in order to make the process of extraction of petroleum easier. In the process of on-shore drilling, once a well has been drilled, the portable drilling rig is moved onto a different location to dig another hole.


Extraction of ground water:


These portable trailer mounted drilling rigs have a drill rating ranging from 300 feet and go all the way up to 800 feet. There are more sophisticated drilling rigs that are used in the extraction of ground water that require more skill to operate. They are also difficult to handle due to the longer drill pipes that usually 6 to 9 meters in length.




Mining drills are categorized into two types depending on their purpose and level of complexity. The exploration drill is used to identify the location or mineral and determine its quality while the production drill is used as part of the production cycle during the extensive mining process. Sometimes, drilling rigs may also be used for rock blasting.


Product Ranges


Acker offers an extensive range of products to suit every requirement. They are also known to customize their equipments according to your diverse on-site needs. Some of the drill rigs like the ACE are lightweight, weighing under 3,000 lbs. The AD – II, on the other hand, has a rugged, mechanical rotary drill unit and comes with a dual action slide base. The Bushmaster is an All-Hydraulic, Modular Core Drill.
Here are a few drilling rigs offered by the company that can boost production.
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ACE – Shallow exploration drill unit
• Light weight at less than 3000 lbs.
• 4 speed transmission; up to 1300 RPM.
• Shallow exploration with 30 inch of spindle travel.
• Comes with a diesel engine as standard with high power options available on request.


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BUSHMASTER – All hydraulic, Modular core drill
• Helicopter ‘fly-in’ rig that supports a maximum component weight of 862 kilogram.
• Reliable and tough aluminum construction.
• Vertical angle capability of a maximum of 45 degree.
• 6 feet stroke capacity.


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MP-8 – Multi-Purpose, Long Stroke, All hydraulic drill Unit
• Comes with a standard hoist weighing 12000 lbs. and an optional hoist weighing 18000 lbs.
• 10800 Nm of torque.
• Stroke capacity of 13 feet.
• 9070 kilogram of pull / thrust capability.
• Vertical angle capability of 45 degree.


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Soil-XLS – All hydraulic, high torque drill unit
• 8500 lbs. hoist.
• A massive 6780 Nm of spindle torque.
• Stroke capacity of 6 feet.
• 11000 lbs pull / thrust capability.
• Advanced engine lever that is hydraulically operated.
• Built – in radio remote control used for tramming.


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These were only some of the amazing drilling products that Acker offers. If you're looking for an extensive range of equipment, check out and purchase the one that would boost your production levels and prove to be cost effective in the long run.

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