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Adler Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading producers of industrial equipments in Germany. The company is known to offer an extensive range of environment friendly products aimed at making work easier and highly efficient. From sweepers and augers to salt shakers and agricultural spreaders, Adler Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG offers a wide range of products to suit every requirement.


If you're looking to boost your productivity by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology, then these equipments by Adler Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG would certainly be the perfect choice.


Products offered by Adler Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG


The products offered are suited for diverse applications and are aimed at simplifying every process. Some of the products like weed fighting equipment uses infrared technology to fight weed growth. The use of infrared technology means that the gas consumption is low and the equipment is more environmentally friendly. Drilling equipment like the powerful Drill B series help in drilling even in the smallest and compact spaces.


Here are some of their key products that you might consider purchasing.


The range of sweepers is pretty extensive. From the basic K 560 to the range KS 750, there is a lot to choose from. Based on requirements, users can choose a equipment based on the following parameters –
• Weight.
• Brush diameter, filling volume, mounting options.
• Area to be covered.
• Sophisticated leveling options.
• Nature of area that need to be cleaned.


While the K 560 is the smallest and easy to carry the top of the range products such as the K 750 and the KS 750 can be regarded as absolutely sweepers that can be employed at any place, courtesy of larger brush diameters.


The Auger E Series range of products are equipped with extremely powerful orbital motors and in higher models such as the EC 250 and EC 500 they also boast of additional gears to further simplify the task. However, the core action is performed by a single or double acting hydraulic control circuit.


Salt Shaker
The ST-E comes with a plastic or metal frame that is capable of storing 120 or 200 liters of liquid. The equipment comes installed with lens, throwing blades and a slider made of high quality stainless steel.


Agricultural Spreader
The ST-A product offered by Adler Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG can easily be considered as an ideal one for your agricultural needs. The powerful electric drive that comes loaded on this machine is capable of working independently of all the other components, which is ideal if you wish to perform two operations simultaneously. For instance, this would come handy if you're cultivating or grassland over seeding together. This product would be an ideal choice for crops like mustard or oil radish.


Weed Fighting
Adler’s advanced infrared technology allows you to monitor the surface regular inspections with the help of the Infra Heater 500. This is competent in pushing back weeds and significantly reduces its re-growth ability. This machine is also available as the Infra Heater 1000 / 1300, which is a larger and more capable variant.


The top of the range Wildkrautbürste HW 5.5 is designed to allow convenient weeding. This makes it the perfect choice for innumerable application including gardening, agriculture, landscaping, and municipal.


Drilling Equipment
The Drill B series range of equipments offered by Adler Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG makes for a great drilling solution even in the most compact places. This can be employed for oil drilling, geological exploration drilling and geothermal well drilling.


Hand guided machines
Regardless of whether you're looking for equipment for weeding or sweeping, this range of equipments can help you boost productivity in innumerable ways. The Radial Broom 5.5 is light weight sweeping equipment. On the other hand, if you wish to cover a larger area, then the Handkehrmaschine HK 5.5 + 6.5 HK are great solutions. In fact, the company claims that these are capable of covering 4000 sq. meter per hour.


If your requirement is weeding, then the Adler Wildkrautburste HW 5.5 is handy equipment. It can be used for various purposes, some of which include gardening, landscaping and service providing applications.


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