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Aquamec’s Dredging and Water Construction Environment

Constructing buildings in or around water need you to be patient and get hold of the right heavy-duty machinery. Dredging involves the extensive use of heavy-duty machinery to carry out excavation operation underwater or in shallow areas. The purpose of dredging is to help gather the below sediments and deposit them at a different location.

Dredging is often used to keep waterways navigable but they have a lot of other industrial uses today. Dredgers help to remove materials and even help to scoop out materials from the bottom of the water body. Dredging has also been used for gold mining traditionally.


If you’re ooking for good heavy-duty machinery that can perform an array of task, Aquamec has brought out the WaterMaster that are the perfect multipurpose machines for your different needs. Aquamec is well known for the brand names Lännen and Lundberg.


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About the Aquamec Dredger

The dredger is perfect for shallow water applications and can work up to a depth of 6 meters. There is improved mobility and as the dredger is a complete unit, there is no problem of setting the machine up when it arrives. In other words, you will have no problem operating the machine without any set up boats.

Watermaster is amphibious and can walk independently in and out of water without crane assistance. More, the Aquamec dredger can work without any wire cables and the four different stabilizers ensure that operators have it steady during operation and anchoring.

Aquamec’s Watermaster is known as a machine that aids in environmental restoration and easy construction. The problem of dredgets continuing to create aquatic disturbances is one you don’t have to worry about when you buy the Watermaster.

Aquamec does this by offering some of the best dredgers that is suitable for different purposes. The multipurpose dredger works in different conditions.

1. Suction Dredging

This innovation from Aquamec makes pumping a lot easier. The Suction dredging has the potential to enhance the pumping time by a good 50-100%. The dredger also uses the Integrated Watermaster Operating System (IWOS) and is designed to work in very shallow waters and even on dry land. There are two different cutter crowns to take care of different kinds of soil and a pumping distance that is a good 1,5 km. The ability to operate it both on land and shallow water makes it a truly indispensable one if you’re looking to have a multipurpose dredger.


2. Backhoe Dredging

There are four different stabilizers that help this dredger, helping you achieve a depth of nearly 5 meters. There are different attachments available as well to make the dredging experience simpler – for instance, you can choose from a 600 liter bucket with teeth or a 700 liter bucket without teeth.

3. Piling

If you’re looking for piling work, the Watermaster amphibious multipurpose machine can work wonders too. The versatile machine has a piling bucket for wooden piles as well as a vibratory piling tool that can help you when working with both metal sheets and wooden piles. As the dredger will grab the piles from the side, it means that it can handle longer piles easily.


The Design

This Aquamec multipurpose dredger has a 6 cylinder diesel engine with a fuel tank capacity of 1200 l. You also have an electric refueling pump and the cabin has 10 different work lights. Coming that with excellent visibility and an additional seating for the instructor, and you know that operators will have it easy. There is independent anchoring and work movement.

Here’s why the Aquamec dredgers can be a safe bet for you.

Extremely adaptable: Our products have the capability to work in different conditions. You can use utilize them in land or shallow water areas, and they’ll get the job done without breaking a sweat. Irrespective of the weather and soil conditions, you can rest easy that your work will be done efficiently.
Cutting edge technology: The machines are able to adapt so easily and work with amazing power, and are made using only the latest and most competent technology available. High production, adjustable settings and superior control interfaces are the least we provide in all our equipment.
Ease of use: The user-friendly technology ensures operators have a shorter learning curve. You can be assured that the equipment you use will not only be sophisticated, but will be extremely easy to use as well.


Safety: The machines are equipped with everything that is needed for a risk free experience.

If you’re looking to buy dredgers for your industrial needs that can work in different conditions, don’t forget about the multipurpose machine from Aquamec Limited.


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