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BROKK Demolition Robots


Brokk AB is founded 1982 in Sweden as a manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines for the mining industry. The company is focused on making machines that are small but very strong and designed to be compact, adjustable and easy to operate.


Brokk has been awarded ISO 9001 by Lloyd’s for their quality management system in manufacture remote-controlled demolition tools.

Today there are more than 5.000 Brokk machines being used around the world. Brokks machinery is ideal for a wide range of mining tasks, including drilling, scaling, digging, breaking and grizzling.


Brokk machines are made for controlled demolition projects. The machines can be operated in confined spaces and provide massive productivity gains compared with traditional methods. The operator controls the machine from a safe-distance using a remote control device. Brokk machines are powered by electric motors with low noise output and the absence of exhaust fumes. Brokk machines can be fitted with a wide range of demolition tools including breakers, jaws, buckets, etc.


Brokk’s passion is developing remote controlled demolition machines for safe, efficient, powerful and profitable work.


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Brokk 60
The Brokk 60 is the smallest remote-controlled demolition machine in the world. That’s why it is perfect for close quarters. The Brokk 60 has more than 25 percent productivity rate as his previous model Brokk 50. The Brokk 60 combines power, light weight and small size.


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Brokk 100
The Brokk 100 is one of the bestseller from Brokk. Characteristics like compact design, powerful tools and as much power and versatility as possible makes this demolition machine perfect for use in light and medium-duty demolition work.


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Brokk 160
The Brokk 160 is a cutting-edge demolition monster. This remote controlled demolition machine is a lightweight with a strong electric engine and an impact rate of more than 406 joules. This demolition machine is perfect for medium to heavy demolition jobs in the construction, surface and tunneling industries.


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Brokk 260
The Brokk 260 is a bestseller and it comes back in a new design, upgraded to be the perfect all-round machine. The Brokk 260 is made for demolition work in the construction industry as well as for in the cement- and process industry. This machine is very efficient, because of its light weight and the ability to work with heavy tools.


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Brokk 400
The Brokk 400 is a heavy-duty demolition machine with a lot of power. This machine can work with tools up to 600 kilo weight. And its weight is just 5100 kg! There is no other equipment available, which could be better for demolition jobs.


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Brokk 400D
The diesel driven and remote controlled Brokk 400D is big and strong. It is the fastest Brokk machine ever with up to 60% more speed than other Brokk machines. This machine is perfect for heavy-duty demolition.


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Brokk 800S
The Brock 800 is built for tunneling projects. With a weight of 11050 kg, a reach of 9,4 meters and its MB 1000 breaker it offers twice the power of the Brokk 400.


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Brokk 800P
The Brokk 800P is really a process monster. With a weight of 11290 kg, up to 360 degrees rotation and a reach of 9,6 meters this monster is mad for really heavy and demanding demolition and maintenance work in the steel industry.

Machine attachments for mining applications


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Brokk offers a wide range of attachments for a lot of tasks.
- Breakers (from SB 52 up to MB 1200)
- Side angling device for medium-sized machines
- Buckets and clamshell buckets, available in volumes from 20l up to 500l
- Multi-purpose, sorting and demolition grapples
- Scabblers
- Planers
- Hydraulic drilling equipment
- Beam grapple
- Cut-off saw
- Rock-splitters


Custom-made remote-controlled demolition machines
If you need a machine with special equipment or features, Brokk offers custom-made products.


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