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The Chassis Mounting Equipment Store from Cappellotto
When you are looking for truck chassis mounting equipment, Cappellotto S.p.A has products that fulfil the purpose admirably. The company was founded in 1953 by Mr. Pietro Cappellotto. Their equipment is used in more than forty countries. A big point in favour of Cappellotto is that they provide equipment that can be mounted on all truck chassis models.


Products On Offer
Those of us looking for Chassins mounting equipment have different needs.Your organization will need the equipment for cleaning sewers or for recycling purposes, and with different needs you need different designs. The company offers various products. The main categories are listed below.


Combined Sewer Cleaners
Combined Sewer Cleaners use a combination of high-power water jets and a high power vacuum source to clean pipes, and then vacuum whatever was causing the blockage. These solve the problem of a blocked sewer quickly and efficiently. The apparatus is high-resistance and does not clog easily.


Recycle Sewer Cleaners
A Recycle Sewer Cleaner does what a Combined Sewer Cleaner does, but it also does one more thing – it recycles the water. In the sludge tank of the equipment, the water and the solids are separated. Once this is done, the resultant clear water is used by the high-power water jets. The water generated is adequately clean enough for the purpose it is used for.


Industrial Vacuum Loaders
Industrial Vacuum Loaders are used for industrial, environmental or agricultural cleaning. It is equipped with a high sucking function to move solids, liquids, sludge or slurries through the lines of the equipment. Basically, this loader will be a good choice for you if you need any sort of mass clean up on a big scale.


Other products
They also offer a multitude of other products for street cleaning and environment protection, and you can find them on the website.

One good thing is that there are various models under this product category, and you can be sure that you will find one that suits your needs. Each model has its own pros, and if you want to use a machine for a very specific job, chances are, you will find one that is perfect for that kind of use.


Applications of the products
These products are not built just for industrial purposes. They can also be used by individuals or small outfits, or by the construction industry. For example, as an individual or a small cleaning outfit, you can use our products for sewage pit cleaning, cesspools, house blocks, small canalizations, drain trunk lines, street cleaning, tunnel cleaning, water transport, irrigation or a waste water treatment plant.


As far as industries are concerned, the products are a perfect fit for the cement factories, refineries, steel mills, foundries, shipyards, process industries, metals, waste dumps, paper factories; and for dangerous materials ADR and dangerous materials atex.


The construction business has been using their equipment for the longest time. Tiles, material pumping on flat roofs, heavy dust and special excavations are made easier by this equipment.


About the Company
Cappellotto has an experience of around fifty years. The products are checked at every stage of production to maintain the quality. The main seat of the equipment is developed in a covered area measuring 16000 square metres. The factory, where tanks are produced, is over 8000 square metres, and produces over 200 pieces of equipment per annum. Currently, around 20 technicians are employed, who participate in the research and development of the present products as well as look out for the technologies of the future. There are also 150 operators to make sure that the production process stays on time, so you can be sure that if you have ordered something it will be on time.


How effective is the after sales service?
Understandeably, you need to think twice before investing in buying a heavy machinery product. With an efficient and friendly customer service though that is easy to reach, you’ve nothing to worry. Whether it be askign about what’s gone wrong or how to set things up, everything’s easy as it should be. The company also has a network of authorized repair shops to make sure that there is no obstacle in making sure that you get the best utility out of your purchase. If you need a spare part, you do not need to way. The company keeps a warehouse full of any spare parts which may be required.


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