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Hammel Shredders

Buying a Shredder? Buy one from Hammel!
Do you have a project that requires the use of a Hammel shredder?
From shredding scrap metals to metallic waste, you will need a shredding machine that does the job making the minimum fuss.
How do you know that the heavy machinery you buy is just right for your needs?
Buying industrial shredders requires in-depth knowledge of the machine and its specifications. Industrial shredding machines can shred everything from metal packaging, metal castings to steel taps and wires. The beauty with industrial shredders is that you just need to feed the materials once into the main feeding system, which are then easily shredded in a single operation.
Knowing Hammel shredders configurations and its advantages will help you buy the right machine. Hammel offers one of the powerful shredders in the market. You can choose from primary shredder sand the secondary shredders.
Primary shredders use two unique intertwining shafts to shred, which are configurable depending on your requirements. It boasts a maximum speed
of 46 revolutions per minute.
There is also a secondary shredder offered by Hammel. It works with two different shredding systems, knife motor for metal applications and eccentric rotor for metal applications.
Both products are a great example of what Hammel shredders has to offer for your shredding needs. However, what makes them more attractive is because of its impressive advantages over other shredders. Here are a few of the advantages you get when buying Hammel


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1. High Throughput with Hammel Shredders
What is the processing capacity of the shredder? Hammel is known to offer shredder with
high throughput, which makes them a perfect fit for large-scale plants. As one looking to buy
an industrial shredder, this is one of the most important factors.
2. User-friendly operation by using four-channel remote control for Hammel Shredders.
Hammel makes sure that they offer high-tech interface to make sure you have the safest and
advanced way to operate shredders. You can use 4-channel remote control to operate the
machine from a safe distance, which is perfectly user-friendly for the operator.
3. Robust construction of the Hammel Shredder
As you are operating the Hammel shredder in large-scale sites or even on small plants, the
construction is important. Robust and long lasting construction is the most important factor
any buyer would look from a shredder. Be it any waste you are processing like metal or
plastic, it must continue to operate without any hiccups.
4. Minimal Dust formation with the Hammel Shredder
With shredder it is not, just the shredding power you want to look for, you must see how
much dust it creates. You do not want too much dust at our site as it creates a working hazard
for you and your employ. Hammel shredders are known to create minimal dust compared to
shredders from other manufacturers.
5. Hammel Shredders are Durable tools
Hammel offers durable tools to make sure that the same results are achieved each time it
operates. If the end pressure is reached during the process, the Hammel shredder reverses
automatically. This helps it clean out the material. You can find tools like metal separation,
breaker bar, stone crusher and more, available with Hammel shredders.
6. Low wear and tear on Hammel Shredders
We want tear the waste material and not the important parts of the shredder. The part of the
shaft, grates, hopper and many other follow strict standards and quality to make sure the there
is no wear and tear even during the heavy use.
7. Very low noise emission for the Hammel Shredder
There are rules and regulations that need to be followed when it comes to noise emissions.
With checking this noise emission, you cannot buy a shredder. There are strict laws are
employed when it comes to noise emission from plants and industries.
8. No projectiles when using a Hammel Shredder
You do not want your shredder to be throwing out things, which could be dangerous for the
workers operating the machine. For safety reason, manufacturers pay extra attention to makes
sure there are no projectiles.
9. Hammel Shredders Pose No Fire Hazard
While managing metals that were used for containing inflammable chemicals, shredder must
be able to process it without raising the condition of ignition. Without safety, fire can be a
huge hazard. You can use the additional options with shredder from Hammel like water
sprinklers to process special materials.
10. Customized design
Not many manufacturers offer shredders that are customizable. Each plant has their own need
and requires specific shredding system. Hammel gives its client a great option to have
customized shredders to fulfill their need. They will consult you and create a design that
would suit your requirements.
11. Hammel Shredders have Low consumption
It is mostly a waste disposal system, and you do not want to spend huge energy to run it. It
must high efficiency to make sure the operating cost for it remains as low as possible.
Basic Configuration of Hammel shredders
Though they have great advantages over other, it is you who will judge the quality and how it
would fit into your site. If see its primary shredders, you have options where you can buy
diesel-hydraulic driven machine from reputed manufactures or go for electro-hydraulic with
electric motors. Same goes with secondary shredders, you. Both are available as mobile and
Specially developed exhaust system from Hammel reduces the noise emission and brings it to
the lowest level possible. For proper feeding, the shredder is secured by hopper with large
volume consisting both main and tilting hopper. However, the capacity of the hopper depends
on the machine you are buying.
The other things you will look within the shredder what are addition options available for you
to make it more effective shredding system. There are various shredder options that you can
consider depending on your requirement.
- Hopper extensions
- Belt extensions
- Hydraulic belt adjustment
- Belt cover
- Water sprinkling system
- Magnet FE separation
- Particulate filter
- Return ventilator
These above options are available with any primary shredder. However, these are optional
and check their standards and quality before you can make a purchase. The Secondary
shredders are also adapted themselves to your requirement with additional options. It mostly
consists of water sprinkling system, belt cover, sound insulation package, and hydraulic
adjustable discharge belt.
Buying a shredder will first depend on your requirements and then your budget. Other aspects
come later. Hammel shredders offer a good screening and sorting technology and you can
choose from different shredding machine types with ease. The Hammel VB 750 for instance
is popular for shredding wood, waste and metals in different sizes. The VB 850 is your
choice if you’re looking for a shredder with more volume, and is able to shred wood, waste
and metal. The largest among all Hammel Shredders is the VB 1500, with a weight of 60 t
and drive of 1500 PS. The VB 1500 specializes in shredding metals that include car bodies,
engine blocks, mixed scrap or light metal scrap and can be easily managed by a mobile SPS.
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