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TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH
The German company TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH is founded in 1988 with the idea to manufacture high-quality demolition machines.
Thanks to the efforts of their distributors around the world and quality "made in Germany", the market shares have increased rapidly since it was founded. TopTec demolition robots are mainly used in the steel-, cement-, and in the nuclear- industry.

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TopTec Demolition Robots - Hard tried and tested!

Heat, radiation, dust and falling objects - the remote-controlled demolition robot of TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH are equal to the most dangerous and difficult tasks.

Quality "made in Germany"

Innovative and robust technology and top equipment - only the best components from well-known manufacturers will be used - to guarantee durability and reliability.

Fast Service

TopTec offers a perfect service. The technicians are on duty around the globe - 7 days the week, 24 hours the day.

Custom Machines

Based on the standard models TopTec manufacture special machines that are based on the tasks of their customers. With individual solutions TopTec turned to a major supplier of dismantling equipment for the nuclear industry.

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TopTec 1850E
The beginning of the TopTec success story! The TopTec 1850E is equipped with two outriggers, a three section boom and a quick coupler. It comes with cable and remote control, has an output of 18.5 kW and can carry tools up to 300 kg.

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TopTec 2500E

The TopTec 2500E is built for demanding demolition work. His high ground stability offers maximum tool performance. The TopTec 2500E is well-tried especially in the cement industrie. It is equipped with four extremely robust outriggers, which are protected by additional steel plates. It comes with cable and remote control, has an output of 25kw and can carry tools up to 400 kg.

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TopTec 4500E / 4500D

The TopTec 4500 is perfect for heavy-duty demolition in places that lack power supply. The TopTec 4500E comes either with an Electric engine or with air- and water cooled Diesel engines. It comes with cable and remote control, has an output of 70kw and can carry tools up to 800 kg.

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