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Asphalt / Pavers / Concrete Equipment, Zip/Postal Code: 39298, 1982 (rebuilt by Astec in 1999) Astec 250-TPH Portable Asphalt Plant (no model number as it has components from several different plant configurations) COLD FEED SYSTEM: There are (4) four 10’ X 12’ bins with extensions and dividers on a single frame complete. The 32” feeders are 9’ long and are driven by 5 hp dc motors. Each feeder feeds across a 3’ x 6’ screen. The 30” collector with 20’ incline stinger powered by a 10 hp motor. The cold feed system sits on adjustable legs. Aggregates then feed onto a 24” wide 56’ long, heavy channel frame belt scale conveyor.PORTABLE PARALLEL FLOW DRUM: Astec reworked in 1999,S/N 98264-9003, 5-99,This Astec portable tri-axle parallel flow recycle drum is 7’ in diameter and 41’ long. It has a center entry recycle collar. The drum is trunnions driven by 2- 60 hp motor. A slinger conveyor introduces materials into the drum. The Hauck Jet burner burning nat gas. The drum dumps the dried materials into a 10’ x 30” single shaft 60HP pug mill coater. The dryer assembly is self erecting.RECYCLE EQUIPMENT: The rap bin is 9’ x 12’ with a heavy duty grizzly. The entire unit including the bin, screen and belt .The 34” wide feeder belt is driven by a 5 hp motor. 35”x 55’ incline weigh bridge conveyor to drum.PORTABLE POLLUTION CONTROL: The portable Astec direct pulse baghouse has 768 bags 4 5/8” diameter and 8’ long. There is a total of 8,042 square feet of cloth that will effectively filter 41,000 cfm of dust-laden air at a 6 to 1 air to cloth ratio. All inlet and outlet duct work with an Astec size 442 fan, a 200 hp motor, inlet damper and stack are included. Dust is removed from the baghouse by a triple auger driven by a 5 hp motor ea. A newer 60 hp screw type air compressor provides the air.CONTROL HOUSE: The relocatable control house is 10’ x 20’. The Systems Equipment controls were upgraded recently. Win Lc1000 silo load out controls, A motor control center with all starters and breakers is mounted on the rear of the baghouse assembly with soft starts for the “Drum, Baghouse, Burner and Pugmill”. All S/O type wiring with quick disconnect plugs are included.LIME SYSTEM: A 500 bbl lime silo with weigh pod and bin vent feeds a Pugmill Systems Model 300LA twin shaft pugmill that feeds on to drum charging belt.LIQUID ASPHALT SYSTEM: There is a single Sellers Electrically heated tank and the AC metering pump included with this plant. The system includes all plumbing and unloading pump.(has some skin issues)SILO SYSTEM: The mix is transferred from the drum into a 76’ x 24” drag slat which has a single 6” pitch roller chain and 7” deep slats and reject chute. There is a single stationary 150 ton ESSTEE silo. There is a Truck Mate 10’ x 70’ low profile truck scale.Note: This plant is available only because of company acquisition. It is in very good condition overall and would provide many years of portable production. Nice plant running fine at shut down. Now a surplus plant due to Company acquisition. Was just there Friday. Plant operator ran 240TPH at 15-20% rap.$375,000.00 Tupelo, Mississippi

$375,000 USD $375,000 USD $375,000 USD
$375,000 USD
$375,000 USD

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